James Gotcha
Passed 2nd time

Tom Costin Tom Costin
Passed 1st time
I was very nervous when first started driving as I had not driven in year and worried about other drivers. Lee was very calm and relaxed. He made sure I focused on my own driving and not what others thought of my driving. Each lesson I improved all thanks to Lee and passed first time. He is one of the best driving instructors in kent and I would highly recommend him. Thank you so much helping me pass!

Kirstie Richards Kirstie Richards
Passed 1st time
I would like to say a massive thank you to lee for helping my pass my driving test first time. I’d also like to thank him for introducing me to the LDC driving book which helped me massively throughout my lessons. Taking control and planning what I wanted to do for my lessons really helped me focus on what I needed to learn/touch up on. Thank you for everything. Would recommend Lee as a teacher or LDC as a learning company for everyone.

Ella Shaw Ella Shaw
Passed 1st time
Thank you Lee, passed both my theory and practical 1st time and couldn’t have done it without you. Great instructor that I couldn’t recommend enough. The LDC workbook and overall system was so helpful for my driving and was a great way to record my hours and progress, as well as helping when I was practising for my theory. Thank you again Lee🚘🚘🚘

Zachary Newnham Zachary Newnham
Passed 1st time
Such a good time learning with Lee made each lesson fun and didn’t even feel like you were learning. Give all the right info to pass and to drive after you’ve passed. All round good guy would recommend to anyone I know haven’t got a bad word to say. Great time and great guy. Even came with me on my test on his Birthday and wasn’t bothered at all. Was just happy to help me out ah ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sam Gratton Sam Gratton
Passed 1st time
Lee is a great instructor. He had me driving on my first lesson and made me feel at ease the whole time. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I thought learning to drive was going to be painful however lee made it far from that. Good sense of humour, easy to talk to and incredibly patient. Thanks again mate for helping me pass first time.

Toby Elliott Toby Elliott
1st time pass
My husband and I have been extremely impressed with Lee. Having been unhappy with (and felt severely let down by) a previous driving instructor and only a few months left before our son was due to go to university, we were given Lee’s details. He was so easy to get along with and put us all at ease. Our teenage son enjoyed his lessons and thought he was great. Even though busy with other pupils Lee made space to get our son the lessons he needed in the short time frame. He passed his test first time and we are so grateful to all Lee’s encouragement, commitment and work ethic. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Mrs Elliott

Emily Whatling Emily Whatling
Passed 4th time
After reading his testamonials, I knew Lee was probably going to be the driving instructor for me. He is likely one of the most patient people on the planet, it took me over 5 years to learn to drive and pass my driving test and Lee never gave up on me. While I was driving well in my lessons leading up to a test, Lee would always do his best to inspire confidence in myself, however I repeatedly failed the test after letting my nerves get the best of me. Each time, Lee reassured me that we'd get there eventually and we did! The combination of his calm demeanour and friendly approach worked so well for me to learn. :-) Patient, friendly, honest and inspiring, he's the hero this town needed. Couldn't recommend highly enough and I wouldn't have passed without him! ' This is a great testament to those who are nervous and feel that they will never be able to learn to drive. Emily inspired me more in my role as an instructor and pushed me to find new ways of coaching someone to there full potential. Been great teaching you Emily and thank you.

Anaya Ellis Anaya Ellis
Passed 1st time
I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor than Lee. In all of my lessons he was really patient and if I made mistakes he would coach me through how to improve rather than get frustrated and raise his voice, which was so helpful and quickly helped me to build up confidence behind the wheel. He is so easy to get along with and made lots of jokes during the lessons which put me at ease and always made me much more comfortable when driving. Lee has helped both myself and my sister pass our driving tests and I would highly recommend to anyone!

Cole Robinson Cole Robinson
Passed 2nd attempt
Starting learning again with Lee coming from a bad experience with a previous instructor. I was pretty nervous and probably gave Lee a headache on more than one occasion but he was so patient and had a nice relaxed manner with me that helped me massively especially when nervous. Top bloke and a great instructor!! Can’t recommend enough, cheers Lee.

Jasper Puncher Jasper Puncher
Passed 1st time
When I first started I had very little confidence in driving, within a few lessons Lee changed all that, couldn’t thank him enough for the time and effort he put in to teaching me to drive. We would always have a laugh every lesson, would recommend Lee to anyone learning to drive Thank you again Lee!!

Izzy Lewis Izzy Lewis
Passed 1st time
When I first started to learn to drive I was very nervous as I didn't know anything about driving, but that quickly changed when driving with Lee! I gained confidence in what I was doing and started to enjoy driving! Lee will teach you everything you need to know about driving and will also make it a very enjoyable experience at the same time, thank you Lee!

Eloise bovingdon Eloise bovingdon
Passed 2nd time
I strongly recommend learning to drive with Lee. I was very nervous of driving and I honestly could not have asked for a better instructor. Lee was always calm and understanding, allowing me to build my ability and confidence. He will teach you all you need to know to take on your test and manage to keep you laughing along the way. Lee, thank you so much for everything! All the best!

Rosie Fitzgibbons Rosie Fitzgibbons
1st time pass
Before starting to learn with Lee I had no driving experience and very little confidence with a car, quickly I developed my skills and felt at ease with Lee’s relaxed manor and patience during the lessons. Throughout each lesson I was always given feedback which helped me improve and develop my driving ability. Lee is easy to get along with and has a great sense of humour which allowed me to feel less stressed when driving. I passed first time with only one minor which was a huge success, Lee taught my brother and was recommended by friends, I would definitely recommend him to others who are looking for a reliable and professional instructor. Thankyou Lee!

David Watkins David Watkins
Passed 1st time
Originally I was recommended to Lee by a friend as him and his partner both had driving lessons with Lee and passed first and second time. From lesson one I knew that he was the right instructor for me; he's very professional when it comes to his work and his students but he also has a fun side to him that makes the lessons so much more enjoyable! Thanks to Lee I have been able to pass first time with only three minors on my actual test. No matter if you're confident, anxious or just unsure about being behind the wheel, Lee's the guy for the job. I can't thank you enough buddy.. all the best!

Martin helm Martin helm
Passed 1st time
I would just like to say thank you to LDC and most importantly my driving instructor, Lee. He had put a lot of time and patience into helping me pass first time. Lee has been a good laugh and made me feel at ease throughout all of my lessons. I will most defiantly recommend Lee in the future.

Jack Erherington Jack Erherington
1st time pass
I began driving in 2012 when I turned 17 however didn’t get on with my driving instructor and therefore lost interest in learning to drive and taking the theory and practical tests. I spent a few years reluctant to go back to driving, until I took my theory test. I then got into contact with lee and from the very first lesson I had with him I felt more confident, comfortable and relaxed than I ever did with my previous instructor. Lee helped me feel confident behind the wheel of a car and allowed me to learn whilst also having fun and enjoying the time I spent in lessons. He showed me ways of perfecting manoeuvres and improving my driving skills. All of this contributed to me gaining a better understanding of what was needed to pass a test and drive safely. Without Lee’s help and guidance I don’t think I would have ever passed at all, let alone first time with only 5 minors. If you’re looking for someone that is patient and easy going, but will also push you to achieve then Lee is the perfect instructor. I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Kate Bailey Kate Bailey
Passed 2nd time
After putting off learning to drive for many years i finally decided to go for it. Lee was so patient with me. He helped me with my confidence issues behind the wheel and if I ever asked him if we could spend a whole lesson on something he would oblige. He fitted my lessons around my very challenging work schedule even having early starts before work. I can't recommend learning with Lee highly enough. Thank you for everything that you have taught me.

Dave Wells
Refresher lessons
Having passed my test (first time too) with Lee’s help a few years back, I was out of driving experience and lacked a bit of confidence. I asked Lee to help me out once again with some refresher lessons. As he was when I first learnt to drive, Lee was always calm and patient. He tells you everything you need to know when out driving, at exactly the right times. Lee is a very likeable and easy going guy. He is easy to chat to while out on the road but at the same time he always remains attentive and switched on to what you are doing with the vehicle. This was extremely important to me as it made me feel relaxed and calm when driving again, as well as ensuring I felt confident and safe behind the wheel. He will always recap over what you did well during your lessons, which is great for your confidence and will never make you feel bad or ashamed if you make a mistake. I can’t recommend Lee highly enough - whether you are learning to drive for the first time or seeking to refresh your driving skills again. There is zero doubt in my mind that you will struggle to find a better driving instructor anywhere else. Thanks Lee!

Aaron Bingley Aaron Bingley
1st time pass
Driving with Lee has been so easy and stress free. I felt very confident behind the wheel and was reassured by him every step of the way. He was always so patient, when needed to Be, and gave good feedback at the end of every lesson, and a section to revise in the LDC book, which was very helpful .It was so easy to feel comfortable on my lessons as we always had a laugh and that made me enjoy having my lessons Lee. Thanks to Lee I managed to pass first time, and with few minors. I would highly recommend.

Dan Macswayne Dan Macswayne
Passed 2nd time
I would honestly recommend Lee as a driving instructor as I found his teaching techniques very helpful and insightful. It was also massively helpful that his car had extra mirrors to help with doing manoeuvres which really helped to understand how they worked. Lee was very punctual and flexible around my timetable at college and often worked out of hours to help me pass my test. I would genuinely recommend to anyone learning how to drive.

Sumaiya Khan
Passed 2nd time
Lee was really patient and motivational throughout all my lessons, consequently building up my confidence to be on the road. I had put off driving for a few of years due to nerves and anxiety, but, finally made the push to book a semi-intensive course. Each lesson panned out in conjunction with the textbook, making it convenient when preparing for lessons and knowing what to expect. His positive character and enthusiasm makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I will surely miss our lessons that were full of laughter! Instead of revealing answers upfront, he gives you the opportunity to think for yourself and make the correct decisions; a great learning mechanism and the answers really do stick with you. I highly recommend Lee as an instructor if you’re wanting to pass with confidence, learn how to drive safely and know what precautions to take whilst driving. Thank-you for taking me out of my comfort zone and teaching me a lifelong skill! All the best. - Sumaiya Khan

Charlie moth Charlie moth
Passed 1st time
Passed first time!! I was recommended by a friend about Lee and couldn’t of asked for a better instructor, down to earth man with a good sense of humour. Taught me the ins and outs of driving and made me feel really comfortable from the start to end. Enjoyed every lesson! Big thank you for everything and getting me the pass appreciate it.

Richard Atkins Richard Atkins
Passed 2nd time
After phoning around different driving schools I knew I needed Lee to teach me. He is so down to earth and easy to get on with, he makes the learning process fun, you will learn and laugh. I asked so many questions that I thought might cause an instructor to get frustrated but Lee welcomed them and encouraged more. I had lessons a long time ago but gave up as I couldn't find an instructor to stick it out with, with Lee it was easy. if you want to learn to drive at the right pace, safely and with an instructor that is more like a mate rather then a teacher then Lee is your man. Thanks Lee you really are great at your job. Cheers Rich.

George Thripp George Thripp
Passed 2nd time
I went to Lee about 10 months after stopping lessons due to having a bad experience with a previous instructor. He was recommended by my two older sisters who said he was a great instructor with lots of patience, down to earth, with a good sense of humour. Had a great experience learning with Lee and picked up my driving ability and confidence in no time! Highly recommend him to anyone. Cheers Lee!

Fawn Ellis Fawn Ellis
I was recommended to Lee by a few of my friends who had all past with him. With a previous instructor I lacked confidence but Lee helped change this as he is very patient and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone and am so grateful that he helped me pass! Thank you again!

Louise Mortimer
Lee was recommended to me by a family member when I was looking for a driving instructor in the area. I had started learning to drive 10 years ago with a different company but found the instructor I had at the time wasn't great so I gave it up. I was quite nervous about getting back into a car again after such a long break from driving so it was important to me that my next driving instructor would be highly recommended to me from someone who had used them before. I found Lee to be really professional but at the same time really great fun to have as a teacher, which made me feel really relaxed and therefore helped me get back into learning to drive really easily and ultimately passing my test! He made the experience really fun and he is very patient! I will definitely recommend him to other people looking to start their driving lessons. Thanks again for helping me pass my test! Will make my life so much easier now, especially with a new baby to ferry about soon! Good luck and best wishes to you and Amy for the wedding in the new year!

Tom Seaton Tom Seaton
Lee is a brilliant instructor whom I can very highly recommend. I had been on lessons and two tests with other very good instructors in the past but always struggled with a highly nervous disposition when it comes to motor vehicle's. But lee managed to make me feel completely at ease with the whole concept of driving, not only did he teach but he also challenged so that you become a better all round driver. He is very patient and will encourage you every bump along the way. Cheers mate it was a awesome experience. Thanks again mate. Tom

Oliver bales Oliver bales
Passed 1st time
I started driving back in 2008 and ended up failing a couple of times, which knocked my confidence and really put me off driving for a while. I decided to give driving another go and chose Lee to be my instructor this time because I saw how good his feedback was from other students and decided to give him a call. I wanted to pass my test as soon as possible and Lee was very helpful at advising the types of intensive courses he offers and which ones were best suited towards my needs. Taking the course with Lee was the best decision I had ever made because not only is he the most down to earth, patient, calm and hilarious instructor of all time, but I managed to pass first time with him. Lee always knew what my weaknesses were and always made sure that I overcame them and that I was at the standard required. I only spent one week with him but he's been such an amazing guy and will definitely miss him!

Megan Megan
Passed 1st time
Lee is the BEST driving instructor ever! He went through everything at a great pace for me to understand and I ended up passing first time!! He made the my whole driving experience fun and a great laugh. I would highly recommend him to everyone and I will be forever grateful to him for all the help he put into teaching me to drive!

Coral KingswellCoral Kingswell
Passed 1st time
Passed 1st Time! Started driving at 17 with a different instructor, and had a really bad experience. I lost all my confidence behind the wheel! So once I hit 21 I needed to get my driving sorted as quick as! My friend recommended Lee and it was the best thing I could have ever done! Lee is a fantastic instructor. I never in a million years thought I would pass 1st time with only 3 minors. He always made me feel completely comfortable, never any pressure, always managed to half a laugh and enjoy the drive! He has a brilliant way of explaining things or giving you little tips, so it’s so easy to learn with him! Couldn’t have picked a better instructor. Thank you so much for all your help and time! Would recommend him to anyone that wants a great instructor.

Molly Tupper Molly Tupper
Passed 1st time
I heard about Lee through a friend, and she said that Lee was great as he is so calm and relaxed. And after having my lessons with him I see that it is definitely true. He explains everything in a way that is easy to understand, and he doesn't get annoyed if you make mistakes, like stalling or anything. I was a nervous driver but he makes you feel comfortable. I never thought I would pass first time but with Lee it is possible. I would definitely recommend Lee as I think he has to be one of the best driving instructors out there. thanks for being my driving instructor, you are very good at your job. Thanks again, from Molly Tupper.

Travis Saunders Travis Saunders
Passed 1st time
I would highly recommend Lee to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. He has the patience of a saint and is able to install confidence in any who are anxious about driving. He is very easy to get along with and provides a friendly aura to ease the nerves when behind the wheel. He isn’t afraid to point out where you are going wrong and will always provide feedback about the lesson; including where you can improve, but also where you did well. This teaching method allows for each lesson to be tailored to an individual and the skills required for them to have the highest possible chance to pass on their first test. He will know when you are ready to take the test and will always make sure you feel completely prepared for it. With his easy to learn teaching methods, continuous confidence building and being a pleasure to drive with, I would solely recommend Lee to anyone. Thank you so much Lee for helping me pass first time.

Robert Robert
Passed 2nd time
Learning to drive with Lee was a great experience. I had began learning with another instructor but as they were unable to continue teaching it meant I had to find another instructor; this was frustrating for me because I was at an early stage with my driving practice. I was pleased and relieved when Lee starting giving me lessons. Lee is very friendly and easy to talk to, and it is a good thing when your instructor has the ability to understand you. Over the course of lessons with Lee, I noticed my confidence when driving had increased. Lee would always ask whether I had any questions, and I knew I could ask him even the most basic thing – this is such an important thing when learning to drive, or when learning any new skill. I always looked forward to lessons with Lee knowing we would be practicing something worthwhile. Lee doesn't teach you how to pass a test, he teaches you how to drive in a safe and confident manner. Thank you, Lee.

Alisha bains Alisha bains
Passed 1st time
Lee was a really good driving instructor, we got along really well and from the beginning he made me feel comfortable/confident in the car. I will definitely recommend him to family and friends.

Samual Fitzgibbons Samual Fitzgibbons
Passed 2nd time
I was recommended to Lee from friends nearby, all saying how great of an instructor he is. First meeting him was brilliant, the progression in the car was quick and I was able to feel confident within the first few lessons! His banter made the lessons even more enjoyable and we had some right laughs during the time I was learning! I’d heard lots of stories of dodgy driving instructors so I feel very lucky to have learnt with Lee as he is an understanding individual with a lot of patience who enables you to progress greatly and build confidence on every lesson. Thanks Lee!

Carla emery Carla emery
Passed 1st time
I passed first time with Lee and I can honestly say hands down the best driving instructor around. I had a previous driving instructor who didn't understand my frustration and nerves toward the road then got told by a friend that Lee was very good at dealing with people like me on the road. After hard work and lots of laughter out and about on the road I finally passed he had so much faith in me even when I didn't and to be honest I'm disheartened it's had to end but I can strongly suggest that Lee is one of the most understanding driving instructors out there and would 100% recommend. Thank you so much Lee! Lots of love X

Mark Davies Mark Davies
Passed 1st time
I would like to thank u for everything u have done for me, I couldn't of asked for a better instructor I was nervous with my previous instructors then I went with u who was so laid back easy going, cheers lee for finally getting me there, top bloke I would highly recommend Lee to anyone. Thank u again Mark πŸ‘πŸΌ

Mat Giles Mat Giles
Passed 1st time
I would definitely recommend Lee to anyone learning to drive. Lee has a very calm demeanor which helps put you at ease if like I was, you are a little nervous about driving for the first time. He is brilliant at boosting your confidence, and will always give you a chance to correct your own errors before he comes in with the dual controls. this was a great benefit to me as it gave me the belief I could sort out any tricky situation I found myself in. Lee is very by the book with his timekeeping, not one of my hours of lessons started even a minute late. Lastly, if you're worried about the manoeuvres, Lee has fail-safe methods for all 4, meaning you can go into the test with confidence you will nail them. All round top bloke, I am very glad I chose Lee. Thanks again, genuinely enjoyed my lessons and learning with you ( except maybe the first couple) . Best of luck with everything and the marriage! Mat

Kathryn Ellis
Passed 2nd time
Lee is an excellent instructor. Before learning with Lee, I found I put off learning how to drive due to anxiety and prior worries of both being on the road and being in control of a car; however, once learning with Lee, I felt at ease and 100% safe. Lee has a calm manner, which ensures that you can fully focus on learning and progressing as a driver. On no occasion did I feel under pressure, nor rushed with Lee. My lessons were paced exceptionally, so I never felt I was wasting time, nor rushing crucial elements that were needed during the test. As a result, having now passed, I feel fully secure in myself as a driver, and though I will fully miss having Lee as my second set of eyes, I am now confident to drive independently. Lee completely equipped and prepared me for both my driving test and to be a good driver, afterwards. I would highly, highly, recommend Lee – top tip: be sure to book up in advance, as he is very popular! K. Ellis, Local Secondary School teacher, Portsmouth.

Kathrine Seaton Kathrine Seaton
Passed 1st time
I would highly recommend Lee!! I was so nervous to start with but after a few lessons I felt so relaxed and became more confident, Lee is ever so patient and calm. If you struggled with something he would go over it and make sure your're fully confident. Each week I progressed further and he challenged me every week, I'm so glad he did as i don't think i would have passed first time! I loved learning to drive, loads of funny moments, overall great experience!! Thankyou so much Lee! 😊

Harry Saunders Harry Saunders
Passed 1st time
Lee was recommended to me by my family as my uncle, sister, both of my sisters partners passed with Lee. I had absolutely zero experience of any form of driving when I first booked up with Lee, I ended up passing first time. The majority of the credit must go to Lee who managed to remain calm and patient with me yet pushed me as far as I could go. I genuinely looked forward to my lessons as I knew I would have a good laugh as well as learning how to drive, his reputation speaks for itself and I will always recommend him as the best driving instructor in Pompey. Thanks for everything Fam πŸ˜‰ x

Billy HiderBilly Hider
Passed 2nd time!!
I was recommended to Lee through a friend, as soon as I got in the car with lee I felt comfortable and at ease as he was easy to get along with and loved to crack a joke. I would recommend any new learner driver to go with Lee because although I failed my first test, he picked my confidence up and got me ready to go for my second test, which I passed, Lee helped me improve where I went wrong and got me through. I also received a booklet from Lee which helped massively because what we were taught in the car, I would re cap and answer question which me and Lee would discuss and we would go over them to make me feel confidant on the procedures. Lee is a great instructor and I'm so glad I chose him.

Melissa HackneyMelissa Hackney
Passed 1st time
Lee has been an amazing instructor. He gave me the confidence to go that little bit further (excuse the pun ;)) and always "plan ahead". He made me feel at ease and was always making me laugh, especially about other drivers' mistakes. ;) When I first started taking lessons, I was very nervous but since then I have relaxed more, and witnessed first hand, the joys of driving. I'll never forget you Lee, as you say I'll have your voice resounding in my head -- "Come on, give it some gas... More... Don't be shy to press it.", and "What gear should you be in? -- Stay in two." ;) It's been a real learning curve; each lesson brings something new and always builds upon the last. Thanks again Lee, a highly recommended driving instructor. :)' Take care Lee, let me know how your holiday goes (you deserve to relax!) and would be nice to have some news of baby's arrival when the time comes, so stay in touch. :) Thanks again Mr T. ;) All the best. Melissa

Shayla Wilson Shayla Wilson
Passed 2nd time
Hi Lee, After being recommended by a friend Lee was more than happy to take me on and I couldn’t have asked for a more patient driving instructor. I started driving with Lee after I had passed my theory and took the semi-intensive pass course. Not only would I highly recommend Lee to anyone, the course I took was extremely helpful. Having a driving lesson almost every day sounded intense at first but from day one there wasn’t a single driving lesson I didn’t look forward too, every lesson was consistent, he’s chilled, flexible and a good laugh! After failing my test first time I was devastated but getting back into driving lessons Lee made me feel so much more positive and I ended up passing second time with only 2 minors! He always explained everything so well and made me feel at ease the whole time. I can’t thank you enough Lee for all the hours you put in to make sure I felt ready on the day. All the best! Shayla Wilson Thank you 😊 Shayla

Gerry Red Gerry Red
Passed 2nd time
Lee is a very genuine, patient,friendly and supportive driving instructor, I will highly recommend his service to anyone. His method of teaching is of high standards. When I started my lessons with him I had previous experience over 20 hours. However, I struggled mostly with roundabouts, after a couple of lesson with his guided advice, I understood and undertook roundabouts with no problem. As a student to anything unknown you arrive with a short of confidence; but, with Lee’s friendly and supportive approach “driving a car become like the riding a bike”. When I made errors during lessons, he never reacted in any negative form, instead in a supportive respective manner, what a true professional and a gentleman. I passed my test on a second attempt, I failed first time due to my own mistake regarding road markings on my independent drive, lucky I took Lee with me on my test. After, Lee advised me to book another test and booked me in a couple of lessons which sorted out my misjudgments. Throughout the process he motivated me to refocus in order to succeed, thanks a lot Lee, I would not have done without your help stay blessed :) Kind Regards Tendai Samuriwo

Ellie watts Ellie watts
Passed 2nd time
When I was first looking for an instructor, I put out a message on Facebook for recommendations. Within 24 hours, 7 people had mentioned Lee. It was an easy choice and from the first lesson I knew I'd picked the right instructor. Lee was so consistent, patient with me, and has the best tips and advice for every part of each lesson. Even though I was nervous and stressed myself out at times, we also had a lot of fun on our lessons. Lee has a fantastic way of giving you confidence and making you believe you really can do it... And it turns out I could as I passed with just 3 minors! I recommend Lee to anyone, thank you so much! Ellie

Claire Marshall Claire Marshall
Passed 1st time
I never really wanted to learn to drive as the whole idea terrified me but due to a change in circumstances the time came where I just had to get on and do it, Lee was recommended to me by a couple of friends and I'm really glad he was! I was a very nervous driver but Lee reassured me and does an incredible job of staying calm and also kept me calm and relaxed. I always felt safe with Lee and he did a fantastic job of boosting my confidence. He has lots of little tricks for teaching you the different skills required to be a safe driver and to get you through your test and is happy to adapt his approach, if one way doesn't work for you he will keep going until he finds a way that does. Lee is also really flexible and was happy to work around my hectic family schedule. During a really difficult time in my life Lee not only taught me to drive and gave me confidence as a driver he made me laugh, listened to my moaning and became my friend. If you are looking for a driving instructor in the Portsmouth area you really can't go wrong with Lee, if he can get me trough my test first time he can get anyone through! Thanks Lee, you've been brilliant!

Michael Maslin Michael Maslin
Passed 1st time
I was recommended Lee by a friend who said he was patient, professional and gave learner drivers confidence to drive. I suffer with double vision and have to wear a contact lens over my right eye which completely blocks out the vision in that eye. I started driving lessons in April 2015. During each lesson he would explain what the goal was based on what he judged was within my ability to achieve. Lee is honest, reliable, disciplined and never cuts corners – he does everything by the book, which is why I was able to pass both my theory test during the summer and driving test on New Year’s Eve first time. I would recommend lee to anyone. Many Thanks Lee.

Danny swan Danny swan
Passed 2nd time
When I first started with Lee I was a complete novice and didn't have the first clue about driving. I was told by a friend that Lee was a really friendly instructor and they wasn't wrong! Right from the start I felt at ease with him and every lesson was a laugh but also he remained very professional when out on the road, with each lesson he gave me the confidence to learn on my mistakes and soon instead of dreading Thursdays on the road I was looking forward to them. After failing my first test I went straight back out with him and worked on my faults and I passed second time. I'd recommend Lee to anyone who's anxious about getting behind the wheel, stick with him and you'll be fine Thank you mate.

Claire Rogers Claire Rogers
14 years ago I started my driving lesson had about 3 instructors before I felt OK, I passed my Theory test but when it come down to do my practice test I failed twice and did the worst thing ever and gave up, a year and a half ago I got my provisional license just for ID when a friend asked me if I want to do my driving lessons again wasn't sure but I thought hey let's give it a go. I got in the car with Lee and I felt relax, what can I say about lee you make me feel relaxed he pushed me and push me because he knew I could do it, he had more faith in me than I did and if it wasn't for this bloke I don't think I would've passed and it's down to him I know you say it's down to me at the end of the day but it's true I was a not very good at night driving and I was very good at some of my manoeuvers but New Year's Eve 8:10 in the morning I had my driving test and I passed, if you with Lee he will help you pass.

Dan Buckinham Dan Buckinham
Passed 1st time
Hi Lee Thanks again for getting me through my test. Lee was recommended to me by a colleague at work after I'd had about a years break from lessons with another driving instructor. I stopped these lessons after losing motivation however it was completely different when learning with Lee, I actually enjoyed the lessons instead of dreading them. I would definitely recommend Lee to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor. Dan

Chloe ward Chloe ward
Passed 1st time
When I first started lessons with Lee I had no confidence in my driving ability at all and I definitely didn't think I'd be passing first time!, but he was very patient, reassuring and made me feel really comfortable, when I made mistakes he made sure we went over them so I didn't make the same ones again. He also uses lots of useful reference points which made manoeuvres incredibly easy to get perfect, he's genuinely just really easy to get on with and I would honestly recommend him to anyone. Thank you again!!

Annette HarrisonAnnette Harrison
Passed 1st time
After my friend recommending Lee to me, I decided I wasn't getting any younger, so decided to give it a go, and sample learning to drive. on my first lesson I found Lee very calming and patient. I was very nervous to start with, but Lee kept reassuring me that I was going to do it. with lees help I am glad to say I passed first time, quite an achievement I felt very proud!!. I can honestly say I would highly recommend this very polite and patient instructor. Thank you lee for all your help!! Annette it was an absolute pleasure in helping you achieve your goal. I can very much say I enjoyed the whole process from start to finish. This is what makes me job all the more worthwhile.

Diamie Diamie
Passed 1st time
I was recommended to Lee by a friends who had previously passed. After starting my lessons with Lee I soon felt comfortable with the road and other road users, lee is very easy to get along with, and very patient. went on to pass first time. would recommend Lee to anyone looking to start driving

Emma Wilkinson Emma Wilkinson
Lee is an amazing driving instructor ! I had never driven a car when I started & he was brilliant with me ! If you don't understand something Lee will explain in 100 different ways to you understand & get it. He is very calm & patient ! & supportive when you need it ! I honestly don't think I would of passed without him! He is very friendly & approachable ! 100% recommend Lee !! Was a pleasure teaching you Emma. Many laughs, we got there in the end. You did good. Best of luck for the future.

Seby pegadoSeby pegado
Passed 1st time
Lee was recommended to me by one of my friend who was his past pupil. I am incredibly grateful to have enrolled to LDC Driving School with him. He tailored the lessons to the gaps in my driving knowledge, I cannot emphasis how effective his teaching techniques are. He made me feel comfortable behind the wheel and gave me confidence on the road. He precisely concentrated my efforts on important aspects UK-style driving, and took extra care in teaching me the driving protocols, skills and techniques to perfect my driving, and as a result, I passed the first time with only 4 minors (out of 15 permissible). A true professional with an upbeat personality who I would recommend to everyone!. Thank you, Keep up the good work, LEE! You rock! Regards, Seby. A truly awesome person to work with. Was my pleasure Seby. Thank you for my gift. Best wishes.

Beth Crowley
Passed 2nd time
Near enough all of my friends recommended Lee to me and I'm so glad I chose to go with him, I was so nervous to get on the road but Lee constantly put me at ease. He makes learning to drive fun and easy and I honestly couldn't thank him enough for all his help... and for putting up with me for so long! If your wanting to start driving lessons I highly recommend Lee with out a shadow of a doubt he is the best instructor for it! Thanks again Lee! Beth x

Brandon Brandon
I started driving with Lee Tolson just after my 17th birthday November 2014 Lee immediately put me at ease as I had no idea how to drive ! I had 1 lesson a week and soon built up a good knowledge of the road and road users. I would recommend Lee to all new drivers he gave me so much confidence and kept me focused. I failed my 1st test but went on to pass my second one. I cannot thank Lee enough for his excellent tuition Pleasure to teach. Good Luck for the future Brandon

Georgia HardingGeorgia Harding
Passed 2nd time
I would recommend Lee as a driving instructor to anyone. I did a crash course over two weeks, that I really enjoyed, and I soon felt confident thanks to all his help. The method used, with the book and dvd, helps massively, as it enables you to understand everything that happens on the road, and you learn quickly and efficiently. Not only was Lee a great instructor, really helpful and made me feel at ease behind the wheel, but every lesson was a pleasure as he is great to spend time with. Chilled, a good laugh, and extremely flexible, helpful and a great teacher, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Thanks again Lee, all the best ! Instructor: Such patience and enjoyable to teach. Much luck with the future, Georgie!! :-)

Olivia Mulineaux
Passed 1st time
Lee was recommended by a relative and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. He was very patient, relaxed and we both had a laugh. I was new to driving but Lee made it simple and I always felt comfortable. He had made sure that we covered everything down to the smallest details. After about 3-4 months I was confident with driving and felt ready to take my test, and passed first time! I really enjoyed all my lessons. Thank you Lee for all the support and positive attitude, couldn't have done it without you! Instructor: a pleasure to teach. Good luck for the future Olivia

Rachel Butler
After previously having an instructor who wasn't very productive, a friend recommended lee I then took my friends advice and without a doubt it was the best decision I could of made. I will continue to recommend lee to friends and family as he is very productive and very patient.

Sophie MustonSophie Muston
Couldn't fault Lee at all! I took a semi-intensive course over a period of two weeks and passed first time with only one minor!! Lee is a fantastic teacher, he's calm, patient and chatty which made me feel at ease. I felt comfortable asking questions, no matter how silly they were as he wasn't judgmental. He never wasted time in teaching me something I already knew and would always spend extra time on something I struggled with, whilst always remaining positive. With his encouragement it wasn't long before I felt confident and safe on the road. I picked up driving a lot quicker than I ever thought I would, all thanks to Lee. He also has really good reference points which made manoeuvres much easier to complete than I expected. My two week course was a great experience and a laugh, couldn't have asked for it to go any better. Would definitely recommend him. Thanks again Lee and all the best!

Dane SpencerDane Spencer
I first started driving nearly 7 years ago after having Lee recommended to me, from the very first moment Lee makes you feel comfortable and at ease about learning to drive, after failing my first test almost 7 years today I was stupid enough to "give up" for a 6 years but in March this year I was determined to get my licence. I made contact with Lee again and re-booked my lessons, straight away it felt like I'd never stopped. Lee is without doubt one of the best instructors in Portsmouth in my opinion and not only does he get you to pass a test he is a real pleasure to learn with, we've had plenty of laughs and jokes on my lessons yet which has made me feel much more confident in learning to drive and putting my mind at ease! I've now passed my test and only have Lee to thank, he was good enough to take me back on and go over everything again to get me passed and he definitely done that! I feel like I've learnt so much from Lee and it's an end of an era but one I will never forget and I would not hesitate in recommending Lee to anyone who ever asks! Top instructor and a top bloke as well!

Sharni Ward
Passed 1st time June 5th
Wow can't believe I passed 1st time!! But I really owe it all to lee, as on all my lessons he made me feel very comfortable and I've known lee a lot of years so it really help me doing my lessons with someone I knew. I would highly recommend Lee Tolson to anyone if they ask me about driving lessons!! He always makes you feel comfortable & keeps you laughing he is a great guy!! And he don't rip you off like must driving instructors if you only need a hour he will tell you instead of you wasting your money on 2 hours I am going to miss my lesson & all the laughs I have had with you Lee see you on the road peanut!!

Lewis Glasspool
I would strongly recommend Lee to anybody looking to drive. From day one Lee makes the whole driving experience calm, fun and enjoyable. It was a lot of fun being on driving lessons and we had a lot of laughs, he is by far the best driving instructor around and I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive!

Mark HaywardMark Hayward
I had such an enjoyable time learning to drive with Lee, he explained everything in great detail and made sure not to move on to another lesson section until I was comfortable with what I'd previously learnt. He's very patient and understanding, fun, laid back and we had a laugh while still keeping focused on the lesson. I'd definitely suggest and recommend Lee to a friend who wants to learn to drive.

Amelia DohertyAmelia Doherty
Lee was the first driving instructor I went with after him being recommended to me by someone. I started driving almost instantly after meeting Lee on the first lesson. Lee is so easy to get along with and has a lot of patience. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed about driving and after getting over the fear of driving for the first time, I really loved it and all of our lessons. I've recommended Lee to a few other people that I know and they're all extremely happy. I passed on my second time and couldn't have done it without Lee, he's an amazing driving instructor and I wouldn't have gone with anyone else. Thanks Lee!

Daniel BattyDaniel Batty
Lee was recommended by a friend of a relative and I am so thankful they did, he is such as great instructor and taught in a way that made you feel relaxed and confident right from the start. Although it took two attempts to pass my driving test Lee stuck with me and believed that I could do it all the way. His sense of humour and his overall attitude to things makes him very easy to get along with which in turns makes for a much more enjoyable and comfortable experience. I would definitely recommend Lee to anyone in the area who wishes to learn to drive and to be successful. Thanks again Lee for all you've done for me and for all the good laughs we've had.

Lorraine RobinsonLorraine Robinson
I started to learn to drive 20+ years ago but never took the test due to work commitments, so after 20+ years I was very apprehensive about doing it all again, and being that 'little' bit older!. I decided to do the 2 weeks intensive course and found LDC who put me in touch with Lee. It was tiring but very well worth it and for me to just take the two weeks off and get it all done at once was more practical. Lee has 'The patience of a Saint ' and I would like to thank him for giving me that extra push to convince myself that I could do it. I passed first time and still can't quite believe I've done it. Thank you Lee.

Chris ClarkeChris Clarke
Driving with lee was always the best choice I made. Before starting my lessons I was nervous of driving on the roads but lee got me from that to becoming a really good driver. Lee is always patient, calm and would never pressure you into anything you would not feel comfortable doing but will always make you feel positive so that you can achieve new things. Would highly recommend lee to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Passed my test first time with only one minor and owe all the credit to lee.

Liam BrooksLiam Brooks
On my first day I was so worried about not only meeting someone new, but also about driving for the first time. thankfully Lee was amazing in the way he showed me how to gain full control of the car and perform the manoeuvres, each lesson I was building on the skills I had already learnt and learning more and more skills. I have easily recommended Lee to many of my friends and family members because of his sense of humor to ease the nerves on occasions.

Joe BurnettJoe Burnett
Well were do i start a couple of my friends recommend me to go to lee to start my driving and I honestly think it was the best choice I made! Every lesson was different and we always had a laugh (he even brought me a bacon roll)!! I never felt like he was my driving instructor as so much a mate I was just driving around for the fun of it, I would recommend him to anyone he managed to make me pass my test first time and that's saying something. He's by far the best instructor around and I am sad to never have a lesson with him again!

Driving was a completely new experience for me but with lee's help I was able to build the knowledge and confidence to be on the road. He structures the lessons to your individual level but also gave me the push I needed to excel my skills and improve. After passing on my second attempt I feel ready to be a safe and confident driver on the road, which I couldn't of done without Lee's patience and general self. If you want an instructor who will not only give you the self confidence to be able to drive but also make it a fun experience, Lee is the man to go with.

Mhairi JoyceMhairi Joyce
I first met lee in 2012 for a block of 30 lessons and a test he quickly got me up to a test standard but due to my nerves I wasn't successful. Due to financial reasons I couldn't afford to try again for some time and began to lose the motivation. I was re-motivated by my husbands successful pass on his first attempt in December 2014 with Lee. I immediately knew that I wouldn't need many more lessons and that Lee was the man for the job as nearly 3 years later I still remembered the basics he had initially taught me. Which shows what a good instructor he is. I booked a block of 15 hours and finally passed in February 2015 while 7 months pregnant which shows that anybody can do it especially with the right instructor. I would fully recommend Lee to all prospective learners he is patient, professional and highly knowledgeable in his trade.

Chrissy DyetChrissy Dyet
I have been having driving lessons with lee for 5 months I had some lessons before but instructor was not for me. Lee is patient,cheerful and always calm. I passed first time and Owe it all to lee he's great the best by far I was always negative and he always positive. Would recommend him to any one!!!

Naomi FrowenNaomi Frowen
After having 3 to 4 months' worth of lessons with another instructor I still hadn't been challenged with any manoeuvres so decided to find a new instructor and so I was recommended Lee through a family friend. This was the best decision I made, my confidence grew and I began to feel like I was finally achieving something after just a few weeks' worth of lessons. Lee's personality and sense of humor put me completely at ease along with his patience and reassurance that I was doing a great job even when it felt like it took me about twenty times to get the hang of something! Along with this Lee was also completely flexible around my working hours ensuring I had a lesson each week when convenient. I can honestly say I never once dreaded a driving lesson as I previously had done prior to coming to Lee. Thank-you so much for all your encouragement I most certainly wouldn't have passed with-out you! I couldn't recommend you highly enough.

Andy JoyceAndy Joyce
Being taught to drive by Lee was an absolute pleasure, from driving up and down the Hilsea industrial estate as an absolute beginner to making that first drive down the A27. I was very daunted by the concept of learning to drive, but after the first couple of lessons I really started to enjoy driving. The lessons are logically laid out and manoeuvres and driving techniques are explained in a way that really makes sense. I felt fully prepared for my test after a couple of mock tests and was pleasantly surprised that I passed first time. I feel that thanks to Lee I can be a safe and confident driver.

Adam LewisAdam Lewis
Driving was an entirely new concept for me having never driven before, the first lesson I had with Lee we went over the basics and within the first hour he had me moving off and pulling over safely. Within 3 hours of lessons I realized that driving was rather fun. Lee made every useful and generally fun with his little comments, these didn't stop making driving very enjoyable. After 30 hours of hilarious lessons I passed first time having had 1.5 hours of tuition before the test. Safe to say, if you want to have an enjoyable learning experience Lee is your man.

Sandra KingSandra King
Having had nearly a years worth of lessons with another instructor and then failing my test miserably I felt it was time for a change, a friend recommended Lee and after ten lessons I took my test and passed!! I was a very nervous learner driver with very little confidence but Lee has a relaxed manner which immediately put me at ease. I found the techniques he uses for maneuvers eg parallel parking, bay park etc fantastic as previously I couldn't do any of them. I would highly recommend Lee to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Thank you Lee.

Elliot FennellElliot Fennell
I would highly recommend Lee, I took an intensive course over 2-3 weeks with him and I was amazed how quickly I learned how to drive. He gets straight down to it getting you used to driving the car and getting comfortable with the steering. he pushes you as much as he feels you can cope with whilst having an enjoyable time. He's a laugh to drive with and after 3 weeks I passed my test with only 3 minors. Thank you lee!

Jessica CooperJessica Cooper
Before learning to drive with Lee I had so many fears of being on the road and learning to drive. I took the one week intensive course and within the first hour of driving all of my fears went away. I never though that I would pass first time but i did! That was all thanks to Lee and his impeccable teaching skills. When driving in the car with Lee he made me feel relaxed and showed me how to do things in a way that i could understand. Lee would never get frustrated or angry when I could not do something like some instructors, would he kept calm and made learning to drive with him a fun and enjoyable experience. I would recommend Lee as a driving instructor to anyone that I know without hesitation. Thanks so much Lee couldn't have done it without you! :)

Jessica SmithJessica Smith
Having had several failed attempts over twenty years ago I decided to give driving another go. Lee is the brother of a close friend and also had a good reputation so he seemed a natural choice for an instructor. I had always been quite nervous and lacking in confidence when driving, and am also quite a slow learner. Lee was very patient with me and was happy to keeping going over things if I was finding something difficult. He also helped to give me the confidence that I was lacking by always being encouraging and giving praise when I did things well. I can't believe that I have finally passed thank you Lee.

Jess Floyd
After failing 2 tests with 2 other instructors Lee was recommended to me. From the word go I felt comfortable. He was professional at all times and patient with me too. His techniques made things easier to do and he didn't mind explaining things more than once! Thank you Lee :)

Randeep MarwaRandeep Marwa
After having two driving instructors who just wasted my time and money I was so glad that I found Lee. He gave me the confidence and skills to drive. I took 15 hours with Lee and passed first time. It has been life changing for me as I have a 10 month old baby and it will now make life so much easier for me. I cannot thank Lee enough for what he has done for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an honest and reliable driving instructor!!

Sophie KelleherSophie Kelleher
After teaching all 3 of my older sisters Lee was the first choice of instructor as soon as I could start my lessons. From my first lesson not even knowing how to turn the car on to passing my test Lee was great throughout and has the best patience levels of anyone I know! Great, reliable and easy to get along with I have recommended to everyone I know!

Kelly EmbletonKelly Embleton
I was fortunate enough to be recommended Lee by a friend of mine - it was a pleasure to learn and pass first time with Lee, who is a brilliant teacher. Throughout the few months I spent with him, he was always professional, patient and helpful in guiding me through what I needed to learn and very supportive towards it. I found Lee very thorough in explaining how to do manoeuvres that would be involved in.

Mathew MackettMathew Mackett
After putting off learning to drive for a number of years I finally took the plunge. I booked with Lee after several recommendations one being from my girlfriend who passed first time with him and now I'm so glad I did. The lessons were brilliant and although I wasn't the quickest learner, lee was very patient and understanding. I really enjoyed the lesson structure and had a good laugh whilst doing them which put me at ease. To my surprise I passed first time and that really is a testiment to Lee as a driving instructor as I never thought in a million years I would! Thanks again!

Liam EmeryLiam Emery
Lee was recommended by alot of my work collegues as he had passed them all first time. When i first started driving with him I had already had about 10 hours with a different instructor a few years before. I told Lee this and he didnt waste any time teaching me things that i already knew. He was very calm and patient throughout all of my lessons and we always had a laugh in the lessons too. Anything that I was having trouble wi th during the lessons he would always make me do it again and again until I had perfected it. I was very nervous when I took my test but he gave me the confidence to be able to pass first time! I would definately recommend him to anyone who is starting to learn to drive.

Stacey (35) - PortsmouthStacey (35) - Portsmouth
Wow Where do I start, never did I ever think I could or would have passed 1st time but I did :) & I can honestly say if it wasn't for Lee I don't think I would . I had no confidence what so ever & was so nervous but Lee always made me believe I could do it, he made our lessons fun, & teaches in a way that I could understand. I never once felt silly for asking him to repeat something if I never understood the first time & if I ever mucked up he never made me feel like I was stupid, we went over things as many times as I thought needed. And he would never let me give up. He gave nothing but encouragement all the way, I am glad I done lessons with Lee I loved every minute of it. So if your thinking of having one try him you wont be disappointed.

Bethany DanielsBethany Daniels
After being put off driving by another instructor and riding a motorcycle instead for two years, i highly doubted that id pass my driving test as my skills were little and my confidence low. Fortunately the gods of driving sent me Lee, who makes the whole experience of driving extremely calm and to be honest, easy. He explains things in a way that makes all the manoeuvers and procedures extremely simple, and he doesn't waste time over explaining or complicating things. Even when i made stupid mistakes he never got frustrated or short tempered and i felt really safe and comfortable throughout every lesson. Lees a really encouraging and nice person, and i genuinely enjoyed learning to drive with him. His knowledge of test routes and where examiners often catch people out was invaluable and really inspired a confidence in me that meant i could attend my test feeling really well prepared and like it was any other lesson. I would recommend him a thousand times over because i am not exaggerating when i say i definitely wouldn't have passed without this wonderful instructors help.

Abby MurphyAbby Murphy
After having a previous driving instructor, i was fortunate to find lee. I had 12 hours with him and passed first time!! He is easy to get along with and I had a lot of fun and laughs and he really puts you at ease. I couldn't think of anyone better to teach you and most definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I will miss our lessons. Your the BEST!! Thank you so much mate! :)

Lyn Hewitt
I had attempted to learn to drive years ago. After 2 different instructors and still feeling like I was getting nowhere and just wasting money I gave up. So when I started my lessons with Lee I had no confidence in driving at all and was very nervous. From the start, Lee was calm and patient and put me at ease. Lee was always encouraging and if there was something I found particularly difficult we would work on it until I was confident. Not once did I dread having a driving lesson like I did before. Lee is a brilliant driving instructor who makes learning to drive fun. I never thought I'd see the day when I passed my driving test, but I passed first time and that's all thanks to Lee! I would recommend him without any hesitation to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I can never thank you enough Lee, best driving instructor ever :-)

Leanne LeachLeanne Leach
Lee Tolson helped me pass first time, he was recommended through friends and I can honestly say if you are looking for a good honest driving instructor then Lee is the instructor for you. Throughout my lessons I always felt that Lee was always trying to get the best out of me, trying to help me improve every lesson not a minuet was wasted. Lee is a guy who is funny and you can easily get along with him which is needed when first learning to drive! He made me feel at ease, he had a brilliant attitude about making sure I was safe on the road and about building my confidence on the road. I cannot recommend Lee enough! I could not have passed if it wasn't for his patience, thanks Lee!

If you're looking for a driving instructor in the Portsmouth area, Lee is your guy. Thanks to Lee I passed my driving test first time around. He is brilliant and I had such a fun time during my lessons. Lee is knowledgeable, calm, reassuring and effective. I never felt there was a moment wasted and he was constantly pushing me to improve. The combination of the lessons and the 'homework' he sets meant I made rapid progress and felt confident on the road much sooner that I thought possible. You could not ask for a better teacher to help you through your learning days, it's just a shame that he doesn't come pocket sized for after the test! Thanks so much Lee, first drive on my own tomorrow, then car shopping on Friday :)

Deanne Burch
Lee Tolson was recommended to me by two people I trusted. I paid for the intensive week long course which was the cheapest I had seen. I had previously had a bad experience learning to drive with a different instructor from another company and only completed one lesson years ago. As a result I was very nervous. Lee immediately put me at ease and conquered my nerves. Within 12 hours of learning Lee had taught me each manoeuvre I needed to know. We completed mock tests and worked alongside theory which increased my confidence. He was able to push me to learn more without me even realising it. I passed first time. I cannot recommend Lee highly enough for anyone but especially for those who are nervous. Lee seems to genuinely love his job, he is a natural teacher and I am forever grateful for the effort he put in to teaching me!

I honestly thought I would never pass my driving test, after previously having several instructors, tons of lessons and 5 tests. I had a break from driving for about 10 years, and then a friend recommended Lee as an instructor. I was such a nervous driver I knew I would need someone patient, calm, reliable, honest, and with a sense of humour too. Lee is all of those things. I finally manage to build up the courage to book my test and passed first time with Lee! Just to be able to take my son out on our own in the car to feed the ducks was the best feeling ever! And that's only the beginning. Thank you so much Lee, I couldn't have done it with out you, amazing!!

Becky SmithBecky Smith
After being recommended to lee by a friend, booking my semi intensive course with him was the best move ive made for a very long time. The lessons were perfectly structured and so much fun I was smiling if not laughing both during and after each lesson. With all the support from lee within my lessons and with the book outside of lessons I felt more confident behind the wheel of the car then I ever thought possible. I passed my test first time with one of the best reversing manoeuvres the examiner had seen in a few years and I dont think it would have been possible without lee. Remember Slow is Beautiful :)

Mark HealyMark Healy
Lee was an absolute star from start to finish. His patience, calm manor and fantastic attitude made learning to drive a great experience. I passed my test first time and its all thanks to Lee's ability to teach practical driving skills and methods in a relaxed and fun way. If you're thinking about learning to drive, then I can't recommend Lee enough!!!

Lucy CroftLucy Croft
Having had a few driving lessons previously, and now being pregnant with my second child,the pressure was on to take my driving test, so somebody put me in touch with Lee. I had 20 lessons with him and passed first time with one minor. I always felt relaxed, I felt I had good guidance & always felt confident whilst driving in the car with Lee. He made me look forward to my driving lessons, he's such a lovely guy and I really don't think I would have passed my test without him as my instructor. I have recommended him to a few of my friends and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you Lee, I couldn't have done it without you :)

Mathew ComptonMathew Compton
Learning to drive with Lee was one of the best choice I made. I always felts safe in the car and never in a position where I had no idea what to do next. Lee's way of teaching is great as he got to know my personality and then taught me his driving techniques the way he thought id find easiest. I would recommend Lee to anyone who wants to learn how to drive, and drive well. You couldn't ask for a better instructor. Thanks Lee.

Amber MorganAmber Morgan
I decided to start learning to drive again after a four year break and I was more nervous this time round than before! I decided to learn with Lee after looking through the website. Lee made me feel at ease whilst learning as I felt so comfortable. I felt pleased with the progress I was making and I was no longer nervous.. I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor! I would recommend him to anyone serious about passing their test! Thank you so much Lee!

With a determined attitude Lee supported me after having a previous bad experience with another instructor. Patient and encouraging I quickly grew in confidence and passed my driving test. Not only does lee make you feel at ease he also teaches you to be safe on the road a quality that separates him from other driving instructors. Good for money lee uses every minute during a lesson.I would highly recommend him without hesitation.

Sarah BerrySarah Berry
Lee was recommended to me through a family member, and I can honestly say nothing but good things about him. Patient, kind, funny and a damn right good instructor. Lessons with lee involve an equal balance of learning and fun. I would also recommend having him sat in the back on your test. After experiencing the both with and without, it puts your nerves at ease. Thank you so much!!

Lydia DohertyLydia Doherty
I had already taken my test once with a different instructor and failed. I was introduce to Lee through a family member and did a one week 'crash course'. Lee managed to iron out all of my bad habits really quickly and completely changed my way of driving. I started with Lee on the Thursday and took my test the following Friday and passed! Lee is a great guy who makes you feel completely at ease whilst having a good laugh as you go, I will be recommending him to all of friends learning to drive! Just wished I'd gone with him first and saved myself the money!

Steve ChalmersSteve Chalmers
WOW I could not of asked for a better driving instructor, Lee was incredible made me feel at ease as I was very nervous about starting to drive. He was very informative and knowledgeable about everything I needed to know about learning to drive. If I had to say anything about Lee it would be he is genuine and there are not alot of people like that today and I made a very good friend, needless to say I only passed first time because of him. And I would tell any one who is learning to drive to learn with Lee. Thanks mate

Dan WimberleyDan Wimberley
Just passed my test with quite frankly the best instructor out there such a nice laid back guy who's willing to take the time to teach you with a grate one to one experience who brakes down the lesson to make it more understandable and less of a challenge would not recommend any other instructors this guy is the BEST!!

Abbie BallAbbie Ball
I had a great experience learning to drive with Lee! He was very encouraging and made me feel calm and relaxed as I lacked in a lot of confidence when driving. Any aspect of driving that I struggled with his gladly went over until I felt confident in myself, whilst remaining to have a laugh and a joke throughout the lessons making me feel less tense and apprehensive. Although it took me a couple of times to pass my test he remained confident that I could do it and eventually I did on my third attempt. I would recommend Lee to anyone looking for a relaxed driving instructor who bases their teaching around the individual to get the best out of them. Thank you Lee for all your help.

Gary TalbotGary Talbot
Lee made me feel at ease from the very beginning, improving my confidence in driving and getting me through both my theory and practical test. I have already arranged for Lee to teach my daughter later on this year as have complete confidence in his ability to get her through her test to. I would recommend Lee to other people he has a calm nature and will teach you at a rate that you feel happy at. Thank you Lee

Sarah LizotteSarah Lizotte
Lee was recommended to me by a member of my family when i decided to learn how to drive. I was a nervous driver when i started but he was very positive and patient and always tried to boost my confidence. Lee made learning to drive simpler, stress-free and enjoyable i will defiantly recommend him to everyone. Thanks Lee!

Liam HolyoakLiam Holyoak
I heard about Lee from a friend/word of mouth and recommendations, he is a great driving instructor. He got me a pass first time with in only 20 hours of lessons! He's genuine & down to earth, easy to get along with and puts every bit of confidence in you. I personally couldn't think of anyone better to have taught me.

Rachel Parker
Lee is a great instructor and I am definitely going to miss our lessons. He is very calm and patient which made me feel at ease behind the wheel, especially during moments of panic. Lee has practical guidance and useful techniques to help overcome the aspects I found most challenging like difficult manoeuvres and hill starts. When it comes to preparing for the test he is a harsh marker in mock exams. This makes the smaller mistakes much more obvious so they can be worked on to prevent bad habits developing. It didn't surprise me when Lee said most of his work comes from recommendations (how I found him) because he doesn't just get you a pass, but helps you become a skilled and confident driver.

Luckily I was recommended Lee by a friend who had just passed her test with him. I had put off learning to drive for years! He was a great teacher, he made learning to drive fun, he was always patient and made me feel confident in what I could do. Having the book he gave out was also very handy as I could track how I was learning at home. I went on to pass first time with him and was extremely pleased. I will definitely be recommending him to all my friends, Thank you Lee!

Adam PalmerAdam Palmer
Learning to drive with Lee was a great experience. He is very friendly and made me feel at ease with driving the car very quickly. The style of teaching is very relaxed which suited me really well, but you still progress with as much pace as you are comfortable with. Driving with Lee made me feel confident on the road much sooner than I thought I would, and any area of weakness in my driving would be worked on until it was sorted. I managed to pass my test first time with just under 30 hours of lesson time with 2 minors. Can't recommend Lee as an instructor enough!

Petra WilsonPetra Wilson
After having driving lessons with another instructor and still feeling very nervous and not all confident about ever passing my driving test, I gave up having lessons. A friend of mine recommended Lee, he had taught her son to drive. I contacted Lee and told him of the problems I was having, and that I was still a very nervous driver. Even on my first lesson with Lee I felt much more confident, he was very calm which made me less nervous. He asked me what I felt I wasn`t confident with and he helped me to work on these points. He also gave me a LDC workbook which was a great help. Lee is a FANTASTIC driving instructor, he`s very positive and always give his full support. I would highly recommend Lee to anyone wanting to learn to drive. On the 21/1/2013, and at the age of 47, I passed my driving test 1st time with 8 minors. I couldn`t have done it without Lee`s help!!! Thanks Lee.

Paris BillingsParis Billings
After my brother and two cousins passed with lee, I thought I would give him a go and I am so glad I did! Hes such a great instructor and fun to be around. We got on from the word go and he makes driving less nerve racking. His teaching is very good, and he explains things to suit your learning. I looked forward to every lesson and felt like id achieved something new each week. If there is something that you struggle on lee will help you, and work with you to improve this problem. Learning with lee was a good chose and I honest do not think I would have passed first time if I went with another instructor. Thank you Lee, your the man!

Heather BakerHeather Baker
Learning to drive with lee was easy and fun. Lee was always patient with me and even though I had to do my test 3 times lee always believed in me and got me through it. He makes you feel at ease and comfortable from lesson 1. And the way he teaches makes driving easy to pick up! I would like to thank lee for all he's done for me and will definitly recommend to friends and family wanting to learn to drive!

Chantelle CathroChantelle Cathro
Learning to drive with lee as an instructor was fun, easy, comfortable and relaxed. lee is very understanding and flexible with times that may suit you best. I passed 1st time with only 6 minors.. lee is very good at his job and works hard to help achieve driving as best as possible.. he takes on board your weaknesses as well as your strongest points in driving so that he can make you one of the safest drivers along with the confidence needed. I recommend him to anyone learning to drive and wanting to pass 1st time.. I couldn't have done it without lee! thanks!

Chelsea McMurray
Lee is an amazing instructor! I was introduced to him from a family member, and it has been the most worthwhile decision. He always ensures that you get the most out of each lesson and will always keep you smiling! I passed my test on 9/05/2012, and would highly recommend learning with lee :)

It was an absolute pleasure to learn with Lee. He's a calm instructor who will gladly go over something over and over again until you're perfect at it. I'm so happy that I chose to do my lessons with Lee, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who's thinking of starting their lessons any time soon. Not only is he a good instructor, but also a good friend who is easy to talk to, making it easier to learn. Thanks for everything Lee and I'm sure we'll keep in touch, cheers mate!

I can't think of anyone better to learn to drive with. I had no past driving experience at all and Lee made it easy with his positive and relaxed attitude. I always looked forward to the next lesson. He is very professional and explains everything properly, he's also a good laugh! I felt lucky to have him teaching me after hearing about my friends instructors and will definately be recommending him to everyone. Thanks again Lee!

Wayne ChurcherWayne Churcher
I started driving with Lee after being recommended through a work colleague. I warned him I was nervous and anxious, and at 44 years old, never having driven before, thought I would be unable to do it. Lee quickly puts you at ease, is friendly and assertive without being pushy, he will take you out of your comfort zone without you even knowing it !! After 30 hours I passed first time with two minors, in a little under three months. A handy book to help you through is given on day one, and it really helps. Thanks Lee, for everything. Forever grateful and will miss our lessons and laughs !!!

Jenny Davies Jenny Davies
Learning with Lee was a pleasure, I was so nervous about doing my lessons but as soon as I got in Lee's car he put me at ease straight away, i never felt pressured into doing something i didn't feel ready for, Lee helped me gain confidence and gave me a great driving technique. I'm so happy that I chose to learn with Lee he was fantastic an also easy to get along with which enabled me to progress quickly. I passed 1st time with 4 minors. Thanks Lee :)

I booked some lessons with Lee after he taught my neice and her boyfriend to drive. I had some lessons with other instructors 5 years ago, but never got as far as booking a test, instead going for a motorcycle licence. Coming back to it, Lee got me up to speed quickly and before I knew it I was booking my test. I passed first time with 1 minor thanks to Lee. Cheers!

Lauren PurtonLauren Purton
Lee was recommended to me by multiple people when I was looking for a driving instructor. The lessons were tailored around attending to my weaknesses and reinforcing my strengths to get the most out of the time available. Lee was reliable, supportive and easy to get along with. Most importantly I felt entirely prepared for my test on April 11th 2012, which I passed first time after a few months of Lee's tuition. I have recommended Lee to other prospective drivers and shall continue to do so as he is a fantastic instructor. Thank you very much. :)'

Hayley MillsHayley Mills
After having interviewed a few instructors (I find you learn quicker if you get along with the person) I chose Lee Tolson. I found that he was the easiest to speak to, came across relaxed but confident, and most of all, I was very impressed on how professional he was. Lee Tolson created a driving plan to suit me personally. By our second lesson I was driving, Lee has a great knowledge of the roads in and out of the area (trying to get me on as many as possible) including the test routes! One of which was my actual test route! Needless to say I passed first time in only 13 days having only ever 2 hours of driving instruction years previously by a grumpy man who definitely didn't enjoy his job as much as Lee. I have to say Lee was very encouraging during the entire experience, he gave me confidence and praise where he thought I had done well and not once did he rush me. Every step was at my pace. I also got a really good LDC workbook and DVD which clears everything up that you might be struggling with. You can literally do as much learning as you want in your spare time which helped me out loads during my lesson times and in the long run - saved me loads of money too! I am definitely looking forward to completing the Pass Plus with him!

Rob SimmonsRob Simmons
I passed my driving test on Friday 16th March 2012, under the instruction of Lee Tolson. I have used 3 Different driving instructors but Lee was by far the best. Lee's style of teaching is much more relaxed and he makes you enjoy yourself whilst you are driving which for me made me feel less nervous and more confident there for he is easier to learn from than some other tutors. I would recommend to my family & friends and my wife is now looking to using Lee as her instructor. many thanks Lee, cheers for helping me pass.

Jonny PoutJonny Pout
I took a weeks intensive driving course through LDC, and was very fortunate to get lee as my driving instructor. He is an outstanding teacher, with a calm, relaxed approach making it fun learning to drive! He helped me achieve my goals and pass first time as a very sensible, good driver. With lee you'll be amazed at how quick you learn to drive! I would highly recommend lee to anyone who has the passion to learn to become a good driver.

Lee is a great driving instructor, I was given the skill and abilty to be able to drive and thanks to lee I was able to pass first time with only 5 minors. I have driven with other driving instructor and can say that lee is the best instructor I have had and would tell any one to become one of his students.

Rhys BllingsRhys Bllings
Learning to drive with lee was brilliant. I had an instructor before which got me no where, and i passed first time with lee in under 10 hours, lee is easy to get on with and makes driving enjoyable. Would defiantly recommend lee as his techniques are easy to learn and much more simple. Cheers mate!

James HornerJames Horner
Learning to drive with Lee was great, he was relaxed and very helpful throughout my lessons. I had a previous instructor who wasn't very good but fortunately I came across Lee and he helped me pass and become a good, sensible driver. I would highly recommend Lee to anyone learning to drive. Thanks for your help mate!

Chelsea le fevreChelsea le fevre
I was very lucky to be taught by Lee, I have had other driving instructors who have been no where near as good. It took me 15 hours and that's all! I am really pleased I learnt with Lee as he is a very good instructor and helped me build up my confidence to pass my test. I have already been recommending him and wont hesitate to do so again. Thanks Lee!

Gary Richardson
After doing my driving training with lee I passed first time. He structures his lessons around your weaknesses to insure a great outcome, he is a great person to get on with and I will and have recomended to friends, he is always ready to have a laugh and joke to get rid of those nerves which helps alot. Thanks again mate all the best.

Dennis ClarkeDennis Clarke
I was seeking a driving instructor when one of my mates who was just pass his diving test told me about Lee and gave me his details and highly recomended him. Lee accepted the challenge of instructing me and I soon realized that he was even better than the recomendation I received. Lee consistently exhibited a cheerful and calm manner which made it easy for me to communicate and relate to him. He was very professional, patient and supportive especially after I had failed after a few trys and I thought my nerves would not allow me to settle down for the test. I was fortunate to have Lee as my instructor and hope not only his students but also other driving instructor aspire to be like him which would lead to better drivers and a safer road in the future. Thanks again Lee and all the best.

Debbie Mawson
I took about 10-12 driving lessons with Lee, and in this time i learned everything i needed to know for my test. I found Lee very thorough in explaining how to do manoeuvres and various things that would be involved in my driving test. I learned so much in a short amount of time and felt confident after my lessons, to take my test. I took my test and passed first time. All thanks to Lee. I recommend him to anyone who needs driving lessons and have recommended him to friends who are ready to start their lessons.

Robert ScottRobert Scott
Learning to drive with Lee has been brilliant! I am a naturally nervous person and he made it easy and above all fun to learn to drive, he had faith in me when I had no faith in myself, I had tried other instructors and failed my test, I started from scratch with Lee and passed!!!! I cannot recommend Lee highly enough, he is what every driving instructor should be patient, firm, knowledgable and very funny!

I was reccomended Lee by my boyfriend, who stumbled across him 3 years ago. He's a brilliant instructor, he never let's you give up, no matter how many times you say you can't do it, and is brilliantly patient. He was so good at motivating me that it wasn't long before my confidence grew. I passed my test on my third try and it was only because of Lee telling me I could do it and supporting me that I didn't give up after my first fail. I've already reccomended Lee to three friends and will keep reccomending him to everyone I know who wants to learn to drive.

Katherine Freel Katherine Freel
I was fortunate enough to be taught by Lee - it was a pleasure to learn and pass first time with him, who is an excellent teacher. Throughout the time I spent with him, he was always highly professional, patient, motivating and supportive in guiding me through what I needed to learn - not just to pass the practical test but to be a good driver afterwards. I would recommend Lee to anyone who wants to learn to drive and aspires to be a good driver.

Fortunately, when browsing for a driving instructor, I was pointed in the direction of Lee's website by a friend. His calm, fair but also firm attitude made paying to learn to drive the enjoyable experience that it should be. Lee's positive approach and the LDC lesson structure gave me the confidence to drive independently and ultimately pass my test first time. I'd highly recommend Lee to anyone wanting to enjoy the hours spent learning to drive and those seeking to become safe drivers in the future.

I was fortunate enough to be recommended Lee by a friend - it was a pleasure to learn and pass first time with Lee, who is an excellent teacher. Throughout the few months I spent with him, he was always highly professional, patient and helpful in guiding me through what I needed to learn - not just to pass the practical test but to be a good driver afterwards. I would recommend Lee to anyone who wants to learn to drive and aspires to be a good driver.

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